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London No Longer Calling

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London withdraws bid for 2012 WCh after FIDE lets deadline pass.
Updates and insults on the Karpov-Ilyumzhinov campaign trail. Will Anand and Kramnik come out in support of someone?
Dvorkovich takes over Moscow Chess Club by force, insists Ilyumzhinov is nominee for FIDE Pres, not Karpov.
The supervisory council of the Russian Federation has voted and 17 voted for Karpov, and that's enough for a majority!

Chess Party!

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Karpov's campaign for FIDE president is throwing a fundraising party in New York on May 17. Karpov, Kasparov, and Carlsen will be there!
Ilyumzhinov leaves Sofia to hustle back to Moscow to fight Karpov for the Russian nomination for FIDE president.

Karpov to Fight the System?

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Shenanigans in Russia as RCF president goes a little rogue. Will Karpov fight for the nomination for FIDE president?

USCF Endorses Karpov

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It's in html so it must be true. CROSSVILLE, TN-- The USCF Executive Board unanimously voted that the USCF will support GM Anatoly Karpov in the upcoming FIDE election for President, to be held in October 2010. A full statement...

Stupid Time Control Tricks

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Corus changes time control this year to have increment from move one thanks to stupidly written FIDE rules.

Anand-Topalov In Motion

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Sponsorship contracts signed for April WCh match between Anand and Topalov.
FIDE announced Azerbaijan will host, umm, half of the candidates matches. Aronian not allowed to play there, so another host country is needed.

Candidates Matches 2010!!?

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FIDE announces candidates matches instead of candidates tournament for 2010-11 cycle.

FIDE's Ill Communication

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Latest FIDE presidential board release on rating non-changes and cryptic remarks about the candidates cycle.

FIDE Candidate Tournament Mystery

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Question from 'frogbert' about which rating lists FIDE will use to find the rating qualifiers for the 2010 candidates tournament.

More WCh Non-News

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UEP says what FIDE said about 2010-11 WCh negotiations breaking down.
FIDE issues press release saying UEP's bid to organize the 2009-11 cycle has broken down in negotiations. Big deal.

Turkey Club

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Results of lawsuit threaten to invalidate results of this year's two Individual European Championships.

Topalov-Anand WCh Postponed

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New deadline is April 20, 2010. FIDE also confirms new candidates event in 2011.

Poll Dancing

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The ACP has a poll on format and rule issues for the top players. Why shouldn't we have some fun, too?

FIDE Nixes Ivanchuk Drug Testing Penalty

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FIDE says no punishment necessary in Ivanchuk drug testing case from the Dresden Olympiad.
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