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Garry Kasparov's New York Review of Books article on Frank Brady's new biography of Fischer, "Endgame."

Mates on a Train

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Anand and Karpov play blitz on a train in Spain, talk about Fischer.

Carlsen Pulls Away

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I'm not dead; Travels with Karpov; Carlsen's rating hits historic heights.


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Funny cartoon on Karpov vs Ilyumzhinov.
Karjakin and Jakovenko lose in Poikovsky; 5 players with 3/5. Chess PR and Judit Polgar; Wang Hao and Bu Xiangzhi in China; Gelfand beats Aronian in Leon final.
Updates and insults on the Karpov-Ilyumzhinov campaign trail. Will Anand and Kramnik come out in support of someone?
Dvorkovich takes over Moscow Chess Club by force, insists Ilyumzhinov is nominee for FIDE Pres, not Karpov.
Karpov2010 fundraiser tonight, live online.
The supervisory council of the Russian Federation has voted and 17 voted for Karpov, and that's enough for a majority!
Anand leads 3.5-2.5 and has white. Karpov there to make the first move.

Chess Party!

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Karpov's campaign for FIDE president is throwing a fundraising party in New York on May 17. Karpov, Kasparov, and Carlsen will be there!
Ilyumzhinov leaves Sofia to hustle back to Moscow to fight Karpov for the Russian nomination for FIDE president.

Karpov to Fight the System?

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Shenanigans in Russia as RCF president goes a little rogue. Will Karpov fight for the nomination for FIDE president?

USCF Endorses Karpov

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It's in html so it must be true. CROSSVILLE, TN-- The USCF Executive Board unanimously voted that the USCF will support GM Anatoly Karpov in the upcoming FIDE election for President, to be held in October 2010. A full statement...

Blitzed in Moscow!

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Carlsen leads World Blitz ahead of Anand in Moscow after day two.

Kasparov Blitzes Karpov in Valencia

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Kasparov whomps Karpov 6-2 in the blitz. Karpov's decline, etc.

K-K 1 at 25: Karpov Strikes, Kasparov Wins

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Karpov wins game three nicely. Kasparov wins the fourth to take the rapid phase 3-1. Eight games of blitz tomorrow.

K-K 1 at 25 in Valencia, Day 2

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Kasparov sweeps the first two rapid games. Karpov loses the first on time in just 24 moves with a complicated position on the board.

K-K 1 at 25 in Valencia, Day 1

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Kasparov and Karpov press conference to open the Valencia event. Games Tuesday at 1pm eastern.

25 Years On, Kasparov vs Karpov 2009

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Preview of the Kasparov-Karpov match in Valencia, which starts on the 22nd. Brief history of their first WCh match and rivalry.
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