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Your Last Shot at Kasparov

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Still a blitz game against Kasparov left for this Thursday, April 7, in Naples, Florida.
Long in-depth piece on Carlsen in the famous magazine. Many interview clips, lots on computer influence on human players. Great piece.

Kasparov on Watson, in Brief

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Kasparov on IBM's Watson on Jeopardy! Plus, music from chess games?
Garry Kasparov's New York Review of Books article on Frank Brady's new biography of Fischer, "Endgame."
Kasparov adds to the conversation about the historical place of Nakamura's big Tata win in US chess.
Major Fashion Week event in NYC starring Magnus Carlsen for the fashion company G-Star. Kasparov, Nakamura, Judit Polgar also involved in game of Carlsen vs the World.


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Funny cartoon on Karpov vs Ilyumzhinov.
Video of Kasparov getting hero's welcome in Nicaragua to campaign for Karpov.
Anand interview reveals he had opening and training assistance from Carlsen, Kramnik, and Kasparov!
Karpov2010 fundraiser tonight, live online.
How long should a WCh match be? More than 12, certainly. Shenanigans coming in Sofia? Hope not. Kasparov on the match and more.

Đšarlsen Back to Carlsen

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Carlsen and Kasparov announce they won't be working together regularly this year, only informally.
Kasparov article on computers, chess, and artificial intelligence in the New York Review of Books.
Magnus Carlsen wins the tournament with a round to spare.

Kasparov on CNN

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Kasparov to appear on CNN today at 4:40pm Eastern time.

Kasparov Blitzes Karpov in Valencia

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Kasparov whomps Karpov 6-2 in the blitz. Karpov's decline, etc.

K-K 1 at 25: Karpov Strikes, Kasparov Wins

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Karpov wins game three nicely. Kasparov wins the fourth to take the rapid phase 3-1. Eight games of blitz tomorrow.

K-K 1 at 25 in Valencia, Day 2

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Kasparov sweeps the first two rapid games. Karpov loses the first on time in just 24 moves with a complicated position on the board.

In the K-K Shadow

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InventiChess event in Antwerp with Sutovsky, Timman, Bacrot; SPICE Cup events in Texas; Kasparov and Carlsen on a talk show.

K-K 1 at 25 in Valencia, Day 1

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Kasparov and Karpov press conference to open the Valencia event. Games Tuesday at 1pm eastern.
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