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Almost all the favorites go through to the round of 32. Biggest matchup in 3rd is Morozevich-Grischuk.
Svidler wins his sixth Russian championship.

Sponsorship Opportunity

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Moro candy bar, it's "gutsy."
Many top players participate. First round Thursday. Live games.

Amber 2010 Begins

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Carlsen, Kramnik, Aronian, Grischuk, Gelfand, Svidler, Gashimov, Ivanchuk, Karjakin, Ponomariov, Dominguez, Smeets in the annual blindfold and rapid event.
Tal Memorial begins. Nine rounds, 7am EST start. Round 1: That's Carlsen-Kramnik, Morozevich-Leko, Gelfand-Ponomariov, Aronian-Svidler, Ivanchuk-Anand. I'll be live on ICC Chess.FM except for rounds 2 & 3.

Jubilee in Zurich

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Zurich open Aug 9 with Morozevich. Aug 22-23, Jubilee simul and rapid event with Anand, Kramnik, Kasparov*, Karpov, Spassky*, Korchnoi*, Topalov, Ponomariov, Khalifman, J.Polgar, Hug. *Not playing in the rapid event.

Biel 09 Final Round

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Vachier-Lagrave leads by a half point over Morozevich and Ivanchuk with one round to play.

Reappearing Moro Leads Biel

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Morozevich leads with 2.5/3 after three rounds. Ivanchuk a half-point back.
Begins Sunday, start time 8am EDT. Round 1: Morozevich-Alekseev, Gelfand-Caruana, Vachier-Lagrave-Ivanchuk.

The León Roars

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Ivanchuk, Morozevich, Carlsen, Wang Yue face off in the three-day KO rapid in Spain starting Friday.
Karjakin clear first after beating Dominguez. Caruana wins B, So the C.
Movsesian joins the lead after beating Ivanchuk. Round 8: Movsesian-Smeets, Wang Yue-Morozevich, Radjabov-Dominguez, Stellwagen-Adams, Carlsen-Kamsky, Aronian-van Wely, Ivanchuk-Karjakin.
Morozevich and Ivanchuk win to move back to even. Movsesian beats Adams for a share of the lead with Karjakin and Smeets. Round 3: Carlsen-Movsesian, Aronian-Stellwagen, Ivanchuk-Radjabov, Karjakin-Wang Yue, van Wely-Smeets, Kamsky-Morozevich, Adams-Dominguez
Ivanchuk wins clear first in Tal Memorial with +3.
Kramnik, Ivanchuk, and Morozevich lead with 1.5/2. Round 3: Leko - Shirov, Morozevich - Kramnik, Ponomariov - Mamedyarov, Ivanchuk - Alekseev, Kamsky - Gelfand

Rapidly in Mainz

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Anand and Carlsen to play final rapid match in Mainz Sunday.

Moro Leads Bosna at the Half

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Morozevich has 4/5, Dominguez a point back.
Morozevich, Movsesian, Dominguez, ISokolov, Timofeev, Predojevic in the Bosna tournament starting today.
Morozevich says in interview he won't play in the FIDE Grand Prix.

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