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Waiting for Bazna

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Bazna Kings starts June 11. Carlsen, Nakamura, Ivanchuk, Karjakin, Radjabov, Nisipeanu. Games begin 8:30 NY time.
Round 1 at 7:30am NY time, 1330 local. I'll be on Chess.FM with Peter Svidler. Carlsen-Aronian, Ponomariov-Anand, l'Ami-Giri, Smeets-Shirov, Nakamura-Grischuk, Vachier Lagrave-Wang Hao, Nepomniachtchi-Kramnik.

Big Bad Vlad Takes Bilbao

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Kramnik wins with +2 undefeated. Anand on +1, Carlsen on -1, Shirov -2.

Bilbao is Super

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Anand, Carlsen, Kramnik, Shirov. Nuff said.

Shirovian Shorts

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Missed Shirov win in final round of Corus; Shirov simul in Ottawa with mini loss to 12-year-old.

Corus 2010 Wrap: Carlsen Comeback

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Carlsen takes clear first after drawing in the final round. Kramnik and Shirov =2-3, Anand and Nakamura =4-5.

Corus 2010 R5: Shirov Unstoppable

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Shirov wins AGAIN to move to 5/5. Kramnik gets first win. Great battle in Nakamura-Carlsen. Round 6: Anand-Carlsen, Shirov-Short, Ivanchuk-Nakamura, Kramnik-van Wely, Karjakin-Smeets, Dominguez-Tiviakov, Leko-Caruana.

Corus 2010 R4: Ready, Aim, Fire on Board

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Shirov wins again to move to 4/4. Ivanchuk wins to join Nakamura and Carlsen at +2. Rest day Wednesday. Round 5 (Thursday): Nakamura-Carlsen, Leko-Anand, Caruana-Dominguez, Tiviakov-Karjakin, Smeets-Kramnik, van Wely-Shirov, Short-Ivanchuk.

Corus 2010 R3: It's a Black Thing

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Shirov wins again to keep clear lead on 3/3. Nakamura and Carlsen win and are on 2.5. Round 4: Anand-Nakamura, Carlsen-Short, Ivanchuk-van Wely, Shirov-Smeets, Kramnik-Tiviakov, Karjakin-Caruana, Dominguez-Leko.

Corus 2010: Early Leaders

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Shirov wins again to take early lead. Wins for Nakamura and Carlsen. Round 3: Dominguez-Anand, Leko-Karjakin, Caruana-Kramnik, Tiviakov-Shirov, Smeets-Ivanchuk, van Wely-Carlsen, Short-Nakamura
A look back at the top tournaments of 2009 and their winners. Will anyone dominate in 2010?

World Cup 09 r4.2: Tiebroken

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Karjakin, Svidler, and Mamedyarov through, the other five to tiebreaks. Short draw in a must-win by Laznicka?!

Grischuk Starts with a Bang

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Grischuk beats Aronian; Shirov plays great novelty in Dragon to draw easily with Karjakin. Svidler on ICC Chess.FM Tuesday.

Descriptive Notation

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Bilbao website goes the extra mile into Shirov's biography.

Bilbao (chicka-bow-bow) 2009

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Bilbao Grand Slam Final begins Sunday at 11am. I'll be hosting ICC Chess.FM live.

Ivanchuk Takes Bazna

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Ivanchuk wins by a full point over Gelfand. Shirov beats Nisipeanu in final round. Kamsky shares last.

Ivanchuk Tired Enough to Win

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Ivanchuk leads over Gelfand and Shirov with four rounds to play.


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Bazna tournament with Ivanchuk, Shirov, Gelfand, Radjabov, Kamsky, and Nisipeanu. Ruy Lopez Zafra tournament with Adams, Cheparinov, Caruana...
Motylev and Gashimov lead on +4 with two rounds to play. Shirov loses again to fall to -5.
Updated results with game notes from various ongoing events. Sigeman, Miskolc, León, Poikovsky.
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