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14..Bb7! mystery solved

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Anand second Peter Heine Nielsen on the origins of the move 14..Bb7 that Anand used to beat Kramnik twice in their Bonn WCh match.

Pics of Anand's Winning Day

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Photos of Anand's clinching match win, his team, and the post-match celebration.

WCh 08 g11: Anand Wins Match!

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Another must-win game for Kramnik in game 11. Anand leads 6-4 and has the white pieces.

WCh 08 g10: Kramnik Wins to Stay Alive

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Kramnik wins easily against Anand's Nimzo to keep the match alive.

WCh 08 g9: Brutal Battle Ends Drawn

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Game drawn after an amazing battle from start to finish. Razor-sharp topical opening led to Kramnik advantage, but Anand held tactically and then in a pawn-down endgame.

WCh 08 g8: A Draw as Good as a Win

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Solid draw by Anand in the QGD leaves him a point shy of defending his title. Match can end Sunday with an Anand win.

WCh 08 g7: Another Half-Step for Anand

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Anand leads 4.5-1.5 and has white in game seven.

WCh 08 g6: Anand Won, Kramnik Done

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Anand wins again to take 4.5-1.5 lead at the halfway mark.

WCh 08 g5: Anand Batters Kramnik Again

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Anand beats Kramnik again in the same sharp Meran line as game 3. He now leads 3.5-1.5 with seven games to play.

WCh 08 g4: Safety First

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A solid draw by Kramnik against Anand's repeat of 1.d4.

WCh 08 g3: Spectacular Win by Anand

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Anand wins game three with black after some tremendous preparation and a great fighting game from both players.

g2 Drawn: Anand with d4 Early, Blinks Late

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Game 2 drawn. Anand plays 1.d4 and we get an interesting Nimzo. Anand accepts draw on move 32 on the defensive but a pawn up in mutual time trouble.
Kramnik-Anand drawn tamely in 32 moves. Some history of other WCh game ones.

Anand-Kramnik Ready to Rumble

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Game one of the Anand-Kramnik 2008 world championship match on Tuesday in Bonn, Germany. 1500 local time, 9am EDT.

WCh 08 Team Spirit

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Some news about the players' seconds for the Bonn WCh match.

Awesome Augury Action

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Poll to predict the winner of the Anand-Kramnik match.

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