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Svidler's Black Attack

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Svidler wins game one of World Cup final over Grischuk with black. Three more games to play. Ivanchuk-Pono g1 drawn.
Exciting tiebreaks see the big names go through. The quarterfinals: Polgar-Svidler, Ponomariov-Gashimov, Ivanchuk-Radjabov, Navara-Grischuk.
Round 4 begins Tuesday. Sweet 16: Polgar-Dominguez, Svidler-Kamsky, Ponomariov-Bruzon, Gashimov-Nielsen, Bu-Ivanchuk, Radjabov-Jakovenko, Zherebukh-Navara, Grischuk-Potkin.
Almost all the favorites go through to the round of 32. Biggest matchup in 3rd is Morozevich-Grischuk.

2011 World Cup r2

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Most favorites through. Shankland upsets Leko. Second round begins today.

FIDE World Cup 2011

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Round one Sunday at 5am NY time. Karjakin, Ivanchuk, Ponomariov, etc.
Still alive! Will be back in action August 1.

Boris Gelfand, Older and Wiser

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Recap of Gelfand's winning World Cup run.

Ponomariov-Gelfand for the Cup

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Ponomariov-Gelfand in a four-game final match at the World Cup. Starts Thursday.
Gelfand beats Karjakin with black in first game of semifinals. Ponomariov-Malakahov drawn.
The higher-rated players win every match. Caruana and So out. Quarterfinals starting Thursday: Gelfand-Jakovenko, Ponomariov-Gashimov, Svidler-Malakhov, Karjakin-Mamedyarov.

World Cup 09 r4: Sweet 16

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Field down to 16. Wins from Mamedyarov and Svidler with black in the first game of the fourth round.

World Cup 09 r2

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All the favorites through the first round. Incredible Akobian-Tregubov marathon won by the American.

World Cup Overfloweth

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World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk begins Saturday. 128-player KO. Gelfand, Ivanchuk, Svidler, Gashimov, Radjabov, Morozevich, and Grischuk star.

Slow News Week

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Bits and pieces of news.

Gata Kamsky Wins World Cup 2007

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Kamsky-Shirov game four draw. Kamsky wins final 2.5-1.5 to take the title.

Kamsky! 1.5-0.5 at the Half

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Kamsky wins game two against Shirov in the World Cup final match. Two more games to play.

World Cup Final Match

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Shirov joins Kamsky in the final four-game match, beginning Thursday, Dec. 13.

World Cup 07 Semifinals

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Semifinals: Kamsky-Carlsen and Shirov-Karjakin.
Round 5 pairings: Kamsky-Ponomariov, Karjakin-Alekseev, Jakovenko-Shirov, Carlsen-Cheparinov.

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