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Anand wins the Botvinnik Memorial by a wide margin with 4.5/6 undefeated. Aronian and Kramnik on 3 and Carlsen loses all three games on second day to finish with 1.5.
Ivanchuk wins the Capablanca Memorial again. Carlsen leads Kings tournament by a point with two games to play.

Kung Pow Chess

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Chinese Championship underway, most of the top players are there. Nice tactical win from Hou Yifan.

Two Lead Euro Ch after 6

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Efimenko and Jobava lead. Lots of game highlights.
More on rounds 4 and 5 here later, but just had to get an item up to rave about Hikaru Nakamura's tactical fiesta against world #6 Boris Gelfand in today's fifth round of the World Team Championship in Turkey. The...
Grischuk leads Russian Ch after 5 of 9 rounds. Svidler and Vitiugov are a half-point back on +1. Wonderful rook sac from Timofeev.

Bhatting Practice in Montreal

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Bacrot leads Montreal International. Brilliant game from Bhat over Tiviakov. Upcoming SPICE Cup in Texas.
Round three of the NH tournament. Nakamura blows up Beliavsky in the King's Indian. Ljubojevic wins again. Live on ICC Chess.FM at 7:30 NY time.
Aronian and Leko share first on +2 after four rounds. Spectacular win from Ivanchuk.

King Walk This Way

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Fantastic domination sac and king walk for mate by teen Ray Robson at the Arctic Chess Challenge in Norway.

With Fried Mars Bars for All

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Video reports from ICC Chess.FM at the Scottish Open Championship.
Kramnik smashes Carlsen to take the lead. Jakovenko grinds Naiditsch again to move to +1 with Leko and Carlsen. Round 9: Jakovenko-Kramnik, Bacrot-Leko, Naiditsch-Carlsen.

Superteams in Dagomys

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Russian Team Championship underway. Many top players in action, including Ivanchuk.

Aronian Leads Amber

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With one round to play, Aronian leads over Anand and Carlsen by a full point.

Linares 09 r12: Mighty Magnus

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Carlsen wins spectacular game against Grischuk to tighten the crosstable with two rounds to play. Round 9: Grischuk-Anand, Carlsen-Radjabov, Ivanchuk-Aronian, Wang Yue-Dominguez.
Wang Yue beats Carlsen with spectacular attack. Radjabov beats Aronian. Grischuk still leads by a point over Ivanchuk. Round 11: Grischuk-Radjabov, Ivanchuk-Carlsen, Wang Yue-Anand, Dominguez Aronian.

Linares 09 r2: Amazing Aronian

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Aronian beats Anand in spectacular game. Grischuk beats Wang Yue.

Elista to Nanjing

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Topalov and Bu Xiangzhi share lead in Nanjing. Radjabov leads Elista Grand Prix.

Dresden Olympiad r4

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Germany 1 and Russia are the only teams left with perfect scores. Spectacular win by Harikrishna over Svidler.

WCh 08 g3: Spectacular Win by Anand

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Anand wins game three with black after some tremendous preparation and a great fighting game from both players.
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