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Long in-depth piece on Carlsen in the famous magazine. Many interview clips, lots on computer influence on human players. Great piece.

Kasparov on Watson, in Brief

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Kasparov on IBM's Watson on Jeopardy! Plus, music from chess games?
Various tournament notes: Sigeman, Chinese Ch, ACP Rapid Cup, computer events.

New Fish in Town

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Free open source engine Stockfish shoots up the rating list. More on computer chess.
Topalov leads on +3 with two rounds to go, a full point ahead of Grischuk. They meet on Tuesday. Monday is an off day.

Linares 2010 r4: Steady On

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All three round 4 games drawn. Topalov and Grischuk still lead on +1. Off day Wed. Round 5: Topalov-Grischuk, Vallejo-Gashimov, Aronian-Gelfand.
Kasparov article on computers, chess, and artificial intelligence in the New York Review of Books.

17th World Computer Ch

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Underway in Spain. Rybka, Junior, Shredder, Hiarcs, etc.

Go-ing Monte Carlo

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Computers now beating professionals at Go using Monte Carlo methods.

Rybka Wins 2008 Comp WCh

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Rybka wins easily in Beijing. Wither comp chess at this point? Is human-machine play just a waste of time now?
Air hockey machine beats all humans.
Poker program taking on humans again.

Silicona Fanfaron

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Rybka-Zappa computer match alongside the WCh in Mexico.

Rybka-Junior 1.1

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Sergey Abramov of Convekta responds to David Levy's article on the failed Rybka-Junior match.

Rybka-Junior Crashes

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Negotiations for a 100K Rybka-Junior computer match break down

Checkered Past

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Schaeffer's Chinook program team announce that checkers has been solved at last.

Rybka Goes Fishing

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Rybka programmer issues challenge to winner of Fritz-Junior "Ultimate" match sponsored by FIDE.

Junior-Fritz Match

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ChessBase and FIDE announce six-game Fritz-Junior computer match for $100,000 in June.


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New HIARCS version for Macintosh.

Differently Abled Comps

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Handicap human-machine matches with Zap and Rybka playing L'Ami and Ehlvest.

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