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They Give Interviews: Anand

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Best Anand interview I've seen in a long time, maybe ever.

Hack by Popular Demand

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Topalov's latest interview with a few shots at Anand; Sofia rules chitchat, more.
Anand interview reveals he had opening and training assistance from Carlsen, Kramnik, and Kasparov!
Links and more links to coverage and pre-match interviews and previews.

TIME for Magnus Carlsen

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Carlsen Q&A in TIME Magazine asks the same old same old questions.

Year-end Action

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Svidler, Grischuk, and Jakovenko in Russian Ch. Malakhov's hot streak continues in Warsaw. Anand interview and parity (or Carlsen dominance?).

Bulletin Board Material

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Carlsen beats Kramnik in a fantastic game. McShane beats Short in 163 moves. Round 2: Carlsen-McShane, Adams-Nakamura, Kramnik-Ni Hua, Short-Howell.

Confident Carlsen Goes Gold

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Carlsen in a fun appearance on a humorous Norwegian interview show.

In the K-K Shadow

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InventiChess event in Antwerp with Sutovsky, Timman, Bacrot; SPICE Cup events in Texas; Kasparov and Carlsen on a talk show.

K-K 1 at 25 in Valencia, Day 1

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Kasparov and Karpov press conference to open the Valencia event. Games Tuesday at 1pm eastern.

Kasparov on Carlsen on Train

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My Garry Kasparov video interview on his coaching of Magnus Carlsen.
Nakamura blogs about his championship run, plus video interview from St. Louis.

Kasparov on Anand

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Kasparov talks about Anand and chess prodigies in interview in India.

Svidler Tops the Rock

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Svidler wins Gibraltar Open, short interview with him.
Kramnik interview on the world championship cycle, fatherhood, childbirth.

Chess in Space

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New Ilyumzhinov interview, mentioning the new proposed candidates tournament. / Looking for photo of Kasparov, Karpov, and Thatcher from 1986 WCh match.

Aronian Interview: Hey Ladies...

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New interview with Levon Aronian covers women in chess and love in the life of a chessplayer.

Kramnik Post-Match Interview

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Post world championship match interview with Kramnik by Vasiliev of Sport Express.

Minor Scandals Dept.

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A few bits from here in there, from lawsuits to plagiarism to an outspoken interview with Jan Timman.

Carlsen Profile

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NYT/IHT profile of Magnus Carlsen touches on training habits, school, Monty Python.
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