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Chess in Armenian Schools

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Armenia makes chess a compulsory school subject. Studies on the impact of chess on school performance, general education chitchat.
Long in-depth piece on Carlsen in the famous magazine. Many interview clips, lots on computer influence on human players. Great piece.
Major Fashion Week event in NYC starring Magnus Carlsen for the fashion company G-Star. Kasparov, Nakamura, Judit Polgar also involved in game of Carlsen vs the World.

Magnus Carlsen, Fashion Plate

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Magnus Carlsen, fashion icon? Does fashion campaign with actress Liv Tyler.

They Give Interviews: Anand

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Best Anand interview I've seen in a long time, maybe ever.


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Searching public Facebook status updates for the word "chess." Why? Why not?

Chess on TV

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Chessboard sightings in the TV shows Dollhouse and 24.

Smallville Checkmate

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Not what you are expecting.

TIME for Magnus Carlsen

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Carlsen Q&A in TIME Magazine asks the same old same old questions.

Confident Carlsen Goes Gold

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Carlsen in a fun appearance on a humorous Norwegian interview show.

Yet More Mainstream

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WSJ on abolishing women's titles; NY Yankees manager talks chess.


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Energy drink company has a GM in a can costume playing in Washington Square Park. With video.

Kasparov on CNN

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Kasparov to appear on CNN today at 4:40pm Eastern time.

Chess and Alzheimer's

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León organizer Marcelino Sión and Leontxo Garcia bring up the topic of whether or not chess prevents or delays the onset of Alzheimer's Disease.
Long New Yorker article on neuroenhancers.

The Starbucks Defense

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NY Times article on the benefits of caffeine for athletics. Discussion of drug testing in chess.

Wrong Right

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Toronto Star article on how the Bulgarian organizers denied ChessBase permission to broadcast the Kamsky-Topalov match moves live.

Free as in Speech

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High US court protects right to post anonymously.

Old, Young, and In-Between

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Bits and bobs, mainstream clippings, Svidler wins Gibraltar.

Mainstream Chess Love

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Any mainstream coverage of the Olympiad in your area? Have you written your local media to bug them about more chess please?
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