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Round 4 begins Tuesday. Sweet 16: Polgar-Dominguez, Svidler-Kamsky, Ponomariov-Bruzon, Gashimov-Nielsen, Bu-Ivanchuk, Radjabov-Jakovenko, Zherebukh-Navara, Grischuk-Potkin.
Almost all the favorites go through to the round of 32. Biggest matchup in 3rd is Morozevich-Grischuk.

2011 World Cup r2

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Most favorites through. Shankland upsets Leko. Second round begins today.

Chess in Armenian Schools

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Armenia makes chess a compulsory school subject. Studies on the impact of chess on school performance, general education chitchat.

Big Finish at Euro Ch

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Polgar, Wojtaszek, and Potkin lead on 8/10 heading into today's final round. Potkin-Polgar is the big match-up but 10 players chase with 7.5.

Cheating Cœurs

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The evidence finally comes out against Hauchard and Feller for cheating at the 2010 Olympiad. Federation suspends them, but many questions about what can be done.

London No Longer Calling

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London withdraws bid for 2012 WCh after FIDE lets deadline pass.

London Burning

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McShane stuns Carlsen, Kramnik beats Short, Adams beats Howell. R2: Kramnik-Nakamura, Howell-Anand, Short-McShane, Carlsen-Adams. Round 2 starts at 1600 local, 11am NY instead of the usual 1400 local.

Heat in London

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London Chess Classic begins Wed. Nakamura, Kramnik, Anand, McShane, Howell, Adams, Short, Carlsen.
Anand, Carlsen, Topalov, Bacrot, Gashimov, Wang Yue. First round is the 20th (1430 GMT+8 or 2:30am NY time.)

Big Bad Vlad Takes Bilbao

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Kramnik wins with +2 undefeated. Anand on +1, Carlsen on -1, Shirov -2.

Kramnik Takes Early Lead in Bilbao

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Kramnik beats Carlsen; Anand draws with Shirov. Round 2: Carlsen-Anand, Kramnik-Shirov.

Bilbao is Super

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Anand, Carlsen, Kramnik, Shirov. Nuff said.

K-M Olympiad, r3: Gashimov's Revenge

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Vietnam beating Azerbaijan is the news of the day. Smooth ride for most of the other favorites.

K-M Olympiad, r2: Warm-ups Continue

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Some intriguing matchups in the second round, including Azerbaijan-Vietnam and Argentina-Hungary.
Olympiad underway, with the usual web and game nightmare. Any surprises this year?
Nakamura and Kamsky head he field. First round today.
The supervisory council of the Russian Federation has voted and 17 voted for Karpov, and that's enough for a majority!

World Team Championship 2010

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Ten top teams tackle in Turkey. Nakamura, Morozevich, Aronian, Gashimov, Gelfand...
"Economist" team wins Euro Club Cup winning all seven matches.

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