Search Results for Corus,2017:/cgi-bin//feed/Corus 2017-10-21T03:07:53Z Movable Type 4.21-en 60 1 60 Corus 2010 Wrap: Carlsen Comeback,2010:/dailydirt//1.5093 2010-01-30T03:27:51Z 2010-02-06T10:15:31Z Mig Carlsen takes clear first after drawing in the final round. Kramnik and Shirov =2-3, Anand and Nakamura =4-5. Corus 2010 R9-10: Ecclesiastes 9:11,2010:/dailydirt//1.5092 2010-01-29T03:54:06Z 2010-01-29T07:46:17Z Mig Kramnik beats Carlsen and then takes over the lead when Anand beats Shirov. Round 11: Shirov-Kramnik, Carlsen-Dominguez, Ivanchuk-Karjakin, Nakamura-Leko, Short-Caruana, Smeets-Anand, van Wely-Tiviakov. Corus 2010 R8: Here Comes Kramnik,2010:/dailydirt//1.5089 2010-01-25T00:27:05Z 2010-01-25T06:41:18Z Mig Kramnik beats Nakamura to move into equal second with Carlsen on +3. Shirov still leads after draw with Carlsen. Round 9 (Tuesday): Ivanchuk-Shirov, Carlsen-Kramnik, Nakamura-Karjakin, Tiviakov-Anand, Smeets-Caruana, van Wely-Leko, Short-Dominguez. Corus 2010 R7: Shirov Unstoppable,2010:/dailydirt//1.5088 2010-01-24T03:43:05Z 2010-01-24T05:27:25Z Mig Nakamura beats Shirov and Carlsen beat Ivanchuk to tighten the crosstable at the top. Round 8: Kramnik-Nakamura, Shirov-Carlsen, Anand-Ivanchuk, Karjakin-Short, Dominguez-van Wely, Leko-Smeets, Caruana-Tiviakov. Corus 2010 R5: Shirov Unstoppable,2010:/dailydirt//1.5087 2010-01-21T20:15:50Z 2010-01-22T06:27:02Z Mig Shirov wins AGAIN to move to 5/5. Kramnik gets first win. Great battle in Nakamura-Carlsen. Round 6: Anand-Carlsen, Shirov-Short, Ivanchuk-Nakamura, Kramnik-van Wely, Karjakin-Smeets, Dominguez-Tiviakov, Leko-Caruana. Corus 2010 R4: Ready, Aim, Fire on Board,2010:/dailydirt//1.5086 2010-01-19T23:17:50Z 2010-01-20T07:35:53Z Mig Shirov wins again to move to 4/4. Ivanchuk wins to join Nakamura and Carlsen at +2. Rest day Wednesday. Round 5 (Thursday): Nakamura-Carlsen, Leko-Anand, Caruana-Dominguez, Tiviakov-Karjakin, Smeets-Kramnik, van Wely-Shirov, Short-Ivanchuk. Corus 2010 R3: It's a Black Thing,2010:/dailydirt//1.5085 2010-01-19T02:57:15Z 2010-01-19T16:17:29Z Mig Shirov wins again to keep clear lead on 3/3. Nakamura and Carlsen win and are on 2.5. Round 4: Anand-Nakamura, Carlsen-Short, Ivanchuk-van Wely, Shirov-Smeets, Kramnik-Tiviakov, Karjakin-Caruana, Dominguez-Leko. Corus 2010: Early Leaders,2010:/dailydirt//1.5084 2010-01-18T05:14:18Z 2010-01-18T05:36:50Z Mig Shirov wins again to take early lead. Wins for Nakamura and Carlsen. Round 3: Dominguez-Anand, Leko-Karjakin, Caruana-Kramnik, Tiviakov-Shirov, Smeets-Ivanchuk, van Wely-Carlsen, Short-Nakamura Corus 2010: Past, Present, Future,2010:/dailydirt//1.5083 2010-01-15T20:37:34Z 2010-01-15T22:53:43Z Mig Corus begins Saturday at 1330 local, 7:30am ET. I'll be on ICC Chess.FM starting round 2. Anand, Carlsen, Kramnik, Ivanchuk, Leko, Shirov, Karjakin, Dominguez, Nakamura, Short, Caruana, Tiviakov, Smeets, van Wely. Stop, Look, Listen: Nakamura at Corus 2010,2009:/dailydirt//1.4934 2009-06-23T05:40:36Z 2009-06-23T06:07:38Z Mig Chess.FM info and interview on Nakamura's invite to Corus A 2010. Weekend Trivia Break,2009:/dailydirt//1.4809 2009-02-07T23:10:25Z 2009-02-08T00:59:33Z Mig 25 trivia questions asked in our ICC Chess.FM contests during Corus 2009. Corus 09 Final: Karjakin Stands Alone,2009:/dailydirt//1.4806 2009-02-01T21:46:03Z 2009-02-03T19:09:26Z Mig Karjakin clear first after beating Dominguez. Caruana wins B, So the C. Corus 09 r12: Traffic Jam Crosstable,2009:/dailydirt//1.4805 2009-02-01T02:30:26Z 2009-02-01T05:25:04Z Mig Six players tied for first after Carlsen and Karjakin win to join the leaders. Final round 13: Kamsky-Movsesian, Adams-van Wely, Dominguez-Karjakin, Morozevich-Ivanchuk, Smeets-Aronian, Wang-Carlsen, Radjabov-Stellwagen. Corus 09 r11: Everybody Leads Again, Again,2009:/dailydirt//1.4804 2009-01-30T22:26:17Z 2009-01-31T05:20:48Z Mig Dominguez knocks Aronian down into a 4-way tie for first with two rounds to play. Round 12: Movsesian-Radjabov, Stellwagen-Wang Yue, Carlsen-Smeets, Aronian-Morozevich, Ivanchuk-Dominguez, Karjakin-Adams, van Wely-Kamsky Corus 09 r10: Aronian Leads Alone,2009:/dailydirt//1.4803 2009-01-28T17:48:16Z 2009-01-30T04:20:32Z Mig Aronian and Carlsen win, controversial finish in Radjabov-Smeets. Round 11: van Wely-Movsesian, Kamsky-Karjakin, Adams-Ivanchuk, Dominguez-Aronian, Morozevich-Carlsen, Smeets-Stellwagen, Wang Yue-Radjabov. Corus 09 r9: Everybody Leads, Again,2009:/dailydirt//1.4802 2009-01-28T03:56:13Z 2009-01-28T17:48:10Z Mig Karjakin beats Movsesian to share the lead with Dominguez and Aronian. Round 10: Movsesian-Wang Yue, Radjabov-Smeets, Stellwagen-Morozevich, Carlsen-Dominguez, Aronian-Adams, Ivanchuk-Kamsky, Karjakin-van Wely. Corus 09 r8: And a Tourist Shall Lead Them,2009:/dailydirt//1.4801 2009-01-26T20:37:41Z 2009-01-27T04:19:40Z Mig Ivanchuk beats Karjakin, leaving Movsesian in clear first on +2. Round 9: Karjakin-Movsesian, van Wely-Ivanchuk, Kamsky-Aronian, Adams-Carlsen, Dominguez-Stellwagen, Morozevich-Radjabov, Smeets-Wang Yue. Corus 09 r7: Movsesian the Real Deal in Wijk aan Zee,2009:/dailydirt//1.4800 2009-01-25T01:56:26Z 2009-01-25T04:28:23Z Mig Movsesian joins the lead after beating Ivanchuk. Round 8: Movsesian-Smeets, Wang Yue-Morozevich, Radjabov-Dominguez, Stellwagen-Adams, Carlsen-Kamsky, Aronian-van Wely, Ivanchuk-Karjakin. Corus 09 r5-6: Karjakin Leads,2009:/dailydirt//1.4799 2009-01-24T01:57:47Z 2009-01-24T04:30:20Z Mig Karjakin still has clear first on +2 after a narrow escape against Carlsen. Round 7: Ivanchuk-Movsesian, Karjakin-Aronian, van Wely-Carlsen, Kamsky-Stellwagen, Adams -Radjabov, Dominguez-Wang, Morozevich-Smeets. Corus 09 r3-4: Everybody Leads,2009:/dailydirt//1.4796 2009-01-21T17:01:26Z 2009-01-22T13:15:28Z Mig Five leaders after 7/7 draws in round four. Thursday's round five: Aronian-Movsesian, Ivanchuk-Carlsen, Karjakin-Stellwagen, van Wely-Radjabov, Kamsky-Wang Yue, Adams-Smeets, Dominguez-Morozevich.