Search Results for Olympiad 10,2017:/cgi-bin//feed/Olympiad 10 2017-10-19T12:54:08Z Movable Type 4.21-en 4 1 4 Cheating Cœurs,2011:/dailydirt//1.5232 2011-03-21T20:19:13Z 2011-04-02T11:09:08Z Mig The evidence finally comes out against Hauchard and Feller for cheating at the 2010 Olympiad. Federation suspends them, but many questions about what can be done. K-M Olympiad, r3: Gashimov's Revenge,2010:/dailydirt//1.5200 2010-09-23T05:50:45Z 2010-09-23T06:22:36Z Mig Vietnam beating Azerbaijan is the news of the day. Smooth ride for most of the other favorites. K-M Olympiad, r2: Warm-ups Continue,2010:/dailydirt//1.5199 2010-09-22T04:36:10Z 2010-09-22T05:42:51Z Mig Some intriguing matchups in the second round, including Azerbaijan-Vietnam and Argentina-Hungary. 2010 Olympiad In Khanty-Mansiysk Begins,2010:/dailydirt//1.5197 2010-09-22T03:44:31Z 2010-09-22T04:36:32Z Mig Olympiad underway, with the usual web and game nightmare. Any surprises this year?