Search Results for WCh 08,2017:/cgi-bin//feed/WCh 08 2017-10-19T12:57:16Z Movable Type 4.21-en 16 1 16 14..Bb7! mystery solved,2008:/dailydirt//1.4772 2008-12-06T04:30:18Z 2008-12-06T19:15:51Z Mig Anand second Peter Heine Nielsen on the origins of the move 14..Bb7 that Anand used to beat Kramnik twice in their Bonn WCh match. Pics of Anand's Winning Day,2008:/dailydirt//1.4727 2008-11-01T17:24:02Z 2008-11-02T03:49:26Z Mig Photos of Anand's clinching match win, his team, and the post-match celebration. WCh 08 g11: Anand Wins Match!,2008:/dailydirt//1.4723 2008-10-29T02:12:59Z 2008-10-30T05:06:32Z Mig Another must-win game for Kramnik in game 11. Anand leads 6-4 and has the white pieces. WCh 08 g10: Kramnik Wins to Stay Alive,2008:/dailydirt//1.4721 2008-10-27T02:16:49Z 2008-10-28T14:43:26Z Mig Kramnik wins easily against Anand's Nimzo to keep the match alive. WCh 08 g9: Brutal Battle Ends Drawn,2008:/dailydirt//1.4719 2008-10-26T03:25:09Z 2008-10-27T02:10:34Z Mig Game drawn after an amazing battle from start to finish. Razor-sharp topical opening led to Kramnik advantage, but Anand held tactically and then in a pawn-down endgame. WCh 08 g8: A Draw as Good as a Win,2008:/dailydirt//1.4718 2008-10-24T03:27:54Z 2008-10-24T19:53:38Z Mig Solid draw by Anand in the QGD leaves him a point shy of defending his title. Match can end Sunday with an Anand win. WCh 08 g7: Another Half-Step for Anand,2008:/dailydirt//1.4717 2008-10-23T04:16:45Z 2008-10-24T20:12:52Z Mig Anand leads 4.5-1.5 and has white in game seven. WCh 08 g6: Anand Won, Kramnik Done,2008:/dailydirt//1.4715 2008-10-21T03:08:01Z 2008-10-24T20:13:16Z Mig Anand wins again to take 4.5-1.5 lead at the halfway mark. WCh 08 g5: Anand Batters Kramnik Again,2008:/dailydirt//1.4713 2008-10-20T06:08:05Z 2008-10-24T20:13:36Z Mig Anand beats Kramnik again in the same sharp Meran line as game 3. He now leads 3.5-1.5 with seven games to play. WCh 08 g4: Safety First,2008:/dailydirt//1.4711 2008-10-18T07:08:21Z 2008-10-24T20:13:53Z Mig A solid draw by Kramnik against Anand's repeat of 1.d4. WCh 08 g3: Spectacular Win by Anand,2008:/dailydirt//1.4710 2008-10-17T17:31:42Z 2008-10-18T07:05:49Z Mig Anand wins game three with black after some tremendous preparation and a great fighting game from both players. g2 Drawn: Anand with d4 Early, Blinks Late,2008:/dailydirt//1.4709 2008-10-15T12:56:39Z 2008-10-16T19:23:34Z Mig Game 2 drawn. Anand plays 1.d4 and we get an interesting Nimzo. Anand accepts draw on move 32 on the defensive but a pawn up in mutual time trouble. Yawn in Bonn and Game 1 Drawn,2008:/dailydirt//1.4708 2008-10-14T17:43:53Z 2008-10-14T21:33:37Z Mig Kramnik-Anand drawn tamely in 32 moves. Some history of other WCh game ones. Anand-Kramnik Ready to Rumble,2008:/dailydirt//1.4706 2008-10-13T22:08:05Z 2008-10-14T05:08:42Z Mig Game one of the Anand-Kramnik 2008 world championship match on Tuesday in Bonn, Germany. 1500 local time, 9am EDT. WCh 08 Team Spirit,2008:/dailydirt//1.4704 2008-10-09T23:03:08Z 2008-10-10T03:06:22Z Mig Some news about the players' seconds for the Bonn WCh match. Awesome Augury Action,2008:/dailydirt//1.4702 2008-10-07T04:59:36Z 2008-10-14T05:05:36Z Mig Poll to predict the winner of the Anand-Kramnik match.