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Cheating Herzen

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German FM Christoph Natsidis of Bannewitz cheats at German championship.

Cheating Cœurs

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The evidence finally comes out against Hauchard and Feller for cheating at the 2010 Olympiad. Federation suspends them, but many questions about what can be done.

French Letters

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Mon dieu! French cheating accusations keep piling up. But where's the evidence?
Mamedyarov continues to accuse Igor Kurnosov of computer cheating.

Kurnosov Replies

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GM Kurnosov responds to Mamedyarov's cheating allegations.
Mamedyarov accuses opponent of computer-assisted cheating after a loss and drops out of Aeroflot Open.

Healthy Cheating Hearts?

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Freakonomics blog entry on whether cheating is good for sports.

Taking Shorthand

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Cheparinov forfeited against Short for not shaking hands before their round 8 game in the Corus B Group.

Department of Oxymorons

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FIDE ethics commission issues reprimands to Short as well as Topalov and Danailov.

Fritz, Can You Hear Me Now?

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New breed of small hearing aids; some can also work as receivers. Arbiters beware!

The Cable Guy

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ChessBase to run silly Topailov cable photos.

Video Killed the Chess Star

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Comments from Bareev and some video of Danailov from Kommersant

Recrimination du Jour

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The latest comments from Nigel Short and the Topailov signaling allegations.

Foul Play In Chess

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Major German newspaper article reports suspicious behavior by Topalov's manager Danailov in early rounds of Wijk aan Zee.

Cheating Hearts Hats

| Permalink | 77 comments
Article on an Indian player caught cheating and another under suspicion.

Burn the Tapes

| Permalink | 216 comments
ABC Topalov interview veracity confirmed

Holiday Hussle

| Permalink | 44 comments
Topalov denies Kramnik cheating allegations? Bessel Kok signs on with FIDE.

Kirsan on WCh, Comps

| Permalink | 93 comments
Ilyumzhinov interview on WCh format, Kramnik, and more.

Topalov's ABCs of Elista

| Permalink | 317 comments
Detailed interview with Veselin Topalov on his beliefs on Kramnik's cheating in Elista.

Matter of Fakty

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Latest ravings from Topalov's manager Danailov on the Kramnik WCh match

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