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Chess for the Ears

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Kramnik second Miguel Illescas to give chess.fm interview tonight about the goings-on in Elista.

Kamsky-Short, 1994/2006

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Kamsky-Short chat spat about their 1994 match. Other candidates tidbits.

Anand on Topalov-Kramnik

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Anand on the "tainted" Elista match.

BladderGate Revisited

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Game 8 press conference, letter from GM Maceija on match rules, Makro's comments revisited, rumor mill.

New In Chess, the Ad!

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Promo for New In Chess Magazine

No Game Sunday

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No game in Elista today. Some negotiation results.

What's the Problem?

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From this pic we can't see what Topalov was worried about.

BladderGate 3

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Kramnik team protests the protest, etc.

Taking the Piss (BladderGate 2)

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Game five forfeited by Kramnik, but it might not stand if the match continues.

BladderGate 2006

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Topalov's manager files complaint about Kramnik's frequent bathroom trips.

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