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Kasparov book signing in Manhattan at the Penn Station B&N on Friday the 26th at 5pm. Also a simul in Harlem on Sunday.

Learn Mandarin Now

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China beating Russian men in their annual match.

Spice of Life

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Strong GM invitational in Texas; goofy web numbers reported for EU Ch.


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Kasparov to meet President Bush at a "dissidents luncheon" in New York.

Kosteniuk Wins Women's WCh

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Kosteniuk beats Hou Yifan in the final. Women's chess, stay or go?

Topalov Takes All in Bilbao

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Topalov takes clear first in Grand Slam final after beating Ivanchuk in the final round. Carlsen and Aronian 2-3, then Ivanchuk, Radjabov and Anand in sole last.

It's Not Easy Being Number One

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Topalov beats Carlsen to take over the lead in Bilbao with two rounds to play. Off day Thursday.

Nokia Gambit, Battery Variation

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Nigel Short loses when his phone goes off during a game at the European Union Championship in Liverpool.

Carlsen Loses But Leads

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Carlsen leads Bilbao by a point over Topalov with three rounds to play.

Carlsen Profile

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NYT/IHT profile of Magnus Carlsen touches on training habits, school, Monty Python.

Bilbao 08: Aronian Tanks

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Carlsen beats Aronian in round one. Other games drawn. Round 2: Ivanchuk-Carlsen, Anand-Radjabov, Topalov-Aronian. (All drawn.)
Anand, Ivanchuk, Topalov, Carlsen, Aronian, and Radjabov in a double round-robin. Sep-2-13 at 11EDT each day. Rest days are 7th and 11th. I'm on ICC Chess.FM live with various American GMs each day.

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