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Kasparov on Watson, in Brief

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Kasparov on IBM's Watson on Jeopardy! Plus, music from chess games?
Garry Kasparov's New York Review of Books article on Frank Brady's new biography of Fischer, "Endgame."

Repeat at Aeroflot?

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Last year's winner Le Quang Liem leads the mighty Aeroflot Open with 4.5/5 and four rounds to play.
Candidates matches begin on May 3 in Kazan. Topalov (BUL) - Kamsky (USA), Kramnik (RUS) - Radjabov (AZE), Aronian (ARM) - Grischuk (RUS), Gelfand (ISR) - Mamedyarov (AZE).

London No Longer Calling

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London withdraws bid for 2012 WCh after FIDE lets deadline pass.

Mates on a Train

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Anand and Karpov play blitz on a train in Spain, talk about Fischer.

French Letters

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Mon dieu! French cheating accusations keep piling up. But where's the evidence?

Gibraltar 2011, Rock On

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Ivanchuk leads the Gibraltar Open with two rounds to play.

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