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Mi Buenos Aires Querido

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I lived in Buenos Aires for almost seven years (1993-1999) and it's a great chess city. Along with hosting the FIDE WC match, BA is also an inside favorite for the October-November unification world championship match between the Kaspy-Pono winner and the Kramnik-Leko winner, assuming that latter match happens at all. New York City, my current home, is another candidate for the final. Coincidence?! Well, yes, probably.

Argentine Grandmaster and chess promoter Miguel Quinteros was in New York during the Kasparov-Junior match. He told me it was just to see the match, but there were undoubtedly meetings about the WC. Miguel's reputation in Argentine chess circles rises and falls, but he probably deserves to be included with Campomanes and Keene if on a smaller scale.

An old friend of Bobby Fischer's, Quinteros was instrumental in bringing Fischer to Buenos Aires to launch his "Fischerrandom Chess" project in 1996. Most of that episode turned into a total disaster when Fischer cancelled his remaining appearances and left Argentina in a huff over money problems. His parting words at the airport: "Miguel is a bastard." In Quinteros' defense, from my experiences with Fischer during that week I'd call an insult from him a real compliment!


Mig, I saw you in the dvd Game Over. What were your thoughts on the project?

I notice they didn't interview Federowicz, even though he was a consultant, along with Benjamin and another opeining specialist. Was Fed not available, or is he just "not easy on the eyes"?

Your fan, Joe

Interesting location for this comment!

Good project. Although I only appear in the film for a few seconds, I spent many, many hours with the director and I'd like to think I helped broaden their understanding of all sides of the matter. But they probably tell that to everyone. It was an interesting film, although several major questions go unanswered and including the silly Times Square rapid match with Karpov at the end was really a weird switch.

Benjamin was clearly the most involved and relevant GM on the Deep Blue side. I don't know if they spoke to the Fed, but with such limited time you have to with the best you've got.

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