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Beat Him While You Can

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This priceless picture of 11-year-old American wunderkind Fabiano Caruana was taken by ChessNinja message board moderator (den mother) inky1 during the World Open. Fabiano is already a FIDE Master. We scored the same miserable number of points in the Open section in Philly (3/9) but he's on the way up while I'm neither a wunder nor a kinder!

Here I was telling him to tell his parents that I got this tall from avoiding vegetables and eating only Twinkies and Pepsi. From the look on his face he has already learned to see through the media. Get in on the ground floor and join the Fabiano Fan Club now.


I met him
hahaha at my camp
you rock fabiano

i saw fabiano
i saw a cat
i saw fabiano no more

heya fabiano....i was just looking up something when this came up!u prob wont remember me.....but i was at oropeasa(world champs) the same year as u(2001)...maybe!u were friends with my irish team mate,jamie flynn!....always running wild about the place!well done on ur achievements...keep it up!!!!

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