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It's been hard to find time for the Dirt while running the x3dchess.com website and doing the live online commentary at the match. But I've been storing up lots and lots of good stuff for when I catch up on my sleep! We'll have dozens of exclusive photos from behind the scenes, plus:

  • Inside the ESPN broadcast, or, the joy of not going to the bathroom for many, many hours.
  • The mystery of X3D Fritz's opening in game three, or, why would it play something that earlier versions of the program were forbidden to play?
  • Who's on second, or, a conversation with Kasparov's analysts, Yuri Dokhoian and Mikhail Kobalia here in New York.
  • The Great Ninja Party, or, what happens when you toss a bunch of Ninja, chess stars, and adult beverages together?
  • The future of chess on TV, or, surely this beats bass fishing.

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