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New York Calling

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My first serious ChessBase Radio broadcast was yesterday during the first round of Linares. It's done via Windows Media Encoder built in to the Playchess.com server. You can download a free demo at that link and you may also need...

A Hydra By Any Other Name

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The world of computer chess long ago moved beyond a room full of programmers eating pizza while their creations battled it out. Since Kasparov matches against Deep Blue in 96 and 97 is has been in the public consciousness. The...

Despot Chess

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FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has once again shown that he's willing to rent chess out to aid the legitimacy of any two-bit dictator. First it was trying to hold the FIDE WCh in Baghdad, then actually having the final in...

"More Black Nerds"

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I didn't manage to post this on the weekend when it would have been of more use to you, but the new PBS documentary "America Beyond the Color Line" showed yesterday and today. It's on at 9pm in most places....

Hey Garry...

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I'll be at Garry Kasparov's book signing today and will be working with him on the weekend. If you have some questions for him I'm always happy to pass on a few good ones and report back. Of course subscribers...

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