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New York Calling

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My first serious ChessBase Radio broadcast was yesterday during the first round of Linares. It's done via Windows Media Encoder built in to the Playchess.com server. You can download a free demo at that link and you may also need to install Windows Media Player 9. (If you subscribe to a ChessNinja newsletter you get a six-month subscription to Playchess.com.)

Install the software, launch it, click Playchess.com, create a new account, and when you enter the interface go to the Broadcasts room in the list in the bottom-right pane. You might need to go the Windows --> Panes --> Chess Media System and click the > Play button.

We had a guest star during round 1, GM Nigel Short. The world #17 and former world championship challenger shared some thoughts about the wild Shirov-Kasparov game and talked about his recent globetrotting and tournament successes. Nigel disagreed with my recent criticism of FIDE's idea to hold its championship in Libya under the auspices of Khaddafi. (See below and Mig on Chess #200.) Short reminded me and the listeners that he went to Tripoli last year for several appearances including a simul.

Short has not only become the true chess tourist , visiting 70 countries at his estimation, but he is also playing better chess than he has in a decade, or at least more successful chess, which isn't always the same thing. He admitted, and admitted it was hard to admit, that he'd been working very hard on his chess in the past year.

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