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Much of the chess that pops up in the chess news searches at Google and elsewhere is of the scholastic variety. Most is of the little Timmy wins first prize in the Sasweego Elementary tournament variety. This one on America's Foundation for Chess is more interesting.

The AF4C is the Seattle-based group that has sponsored the last three US Championships. The 2004 championship will instead be in San Diego and there are rumors that the organization itself might head down to the border too. The dates for the championship have been in flux due to some construction and scheduling messes at the originally announced venue in San Diego. (Moving the Championship from Seattle was apparently contingent upon a commitment from the mayor to introduce chess in schools.)

It's now looking like it will run through Thanksgiving and into the first week of December, almost two years after the last championship (Jan. 03). Official announcement is expected this week.

Speaking of the US championship, I am again hearing things about controversy around the 04 US women's Olympiad team selection process. The rules seem to change weekly, for one. The main question is still whether or not Anna Hahn will be given an automatic spot as reigning US champion. It seems the rules have recently been altered to say that the champ does get put on the team EXCEPT in 2003-2004! The Anna Rule?

In both national and world titles, whenever the winner isn't one of the top-rated players there is controversy. Basically, if you're going to whine about the results, don't play the tournaments and just go with the rating list. "That's why they play the games" is the wholly correct platitude.

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