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Calm in the Eye of the Hurricane

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You might have missed the eloquent comment from US Women's Champion Anna Hahn that she posted today to the April 21 story, so we give it here in full:

Anna Hahn The statement published by Mig has stirred up quite a furor. Mig's article has brought to light, if abruptly and antagonistically to some, an unfortunate situation which has been going on quietly for over a year, and at last it must be resolved. No doubt, I am saddened and angered to have been at the center of this preposterous controversy.

Although I cannot ethically endorse the final decision of the 2004 tournament, both AF4C and USCF have been supportive in trying to resolve the crisis, and I would like to thank them for that. Perhaps there was no better solution, given the regrettable deals that only came to life in the middle of the discussion.

United States chess has greatly suffered. Let us look at the lessons engendered by our actions and build a better, united, and open system which can help to build rather than destroy, our efforts as a community. Like Mig said, the AF4C has "done so much to add much-needed luster" to US Chess. I sincerely hope that they will not be discouraged from continuing to offer their much needed support.

Personally, I will continue to play chess for the pure joy of it.


April 24, 2004


Anna Hahn said it like it is! And I respect her for that.

Anna Hahn - Champion!

Is so sad that politics have played such a great influence in chess. It is already in a very bad and sorry state in FIDE, and now in USCF.
You will always give my full support, Miss. Anna Hahn!!

All credit to Anna Hahn whose dignified and sporting behaviour makes the other parties involved look more than somewhat degraded.

Anna Hahn won the womens chess title of the United States. She defeated I. Krush and J. Shadade...end of case, PERIOD. The death of the United States Chess Federation is JOYFULLY highlighted/ sealed by the massive fraud perpetuated against her. Head held high, PETITELY BALANCED, she is , as stated by Michael Ciamarra in Birmingham , "VERY elegant" in all matters. Softly she leaves us. Jude Acers/Chesslab/ New Orleans, Louisiana

I didn't know who anna hahn was even when she won the 2003 championship.

But hey, I know her now and suddenly I am a anna hahn fan.

Anna if you are seeing this, please do your utmost to win the next US championship, You can do it I know you can!

Forget the olmpiads, it's a mockery anyway.

I have been following Ms. Anna Kahn's chess career for years. I was absolutely please to see her win the 2004 USCF championship. The failure of the USCF adminstration to honor their contract with her is great disappoint. I am angered. I prayed that USCF honor their contract with Ms. Anna Kahn. Ms. has earned the right to play in the Olympics. The extremely bad Karma generated by their proposed plan to exclude her will hurt the USCF forever.

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