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New Look, New Dirt

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Thanks to the good folks at Movable Type there's a whole new look here at the Daily Dirt. We'll be tweaking and designing for a few days yet, as well as importing all the old dirt, which is still available here. I'll be getting to all the interesting material you've been sending in, as well as the usual rants. Thanks for your patience.


MT is a nice simple product that should fit your needs nicely. I suspect at some point you will probably want to push the entire site over to some site management software.

I've run several large CMS on other sites and installed quite a few others, but I never really intended for Ninja to become a content site or traffic destination. I write for too many other places! The focus is on the newsletters. But MT is too easy not to use, basically. Spending time at my friend Kat's website probably made me turn the corner in the end.

CMSs are getting better and better and hand crafted HTML is becoming something of a rarity, which I believe is a good thing since too many creative people have been forced to waste time twiddling bits.

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