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Kasparov Goes Fischering

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Garry Kasparov is on his way to Italy for a book signing event. His "My Great Predecessors" series is coming out in a remarkable number of languages. With the third book headed to the printers now and two more on the way, in a year or so there will be over 100 editions of the series in print around the world.

He is quite excited about the Fischer section in the third book. "The first serious modern analysis of his games." Ah, such modesty. Kasparov says much has been overlooked even in the 1972 world championship match, about which many dozens of books have been written.

I'll have more from Garry on Volume Three in a week or so. He's coming by to give testimony to the prestigious Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe in Washington DC. They are having a hearing on human rights in Russia and Kasparov leads a pro-democracy reform group.

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Do you think Garry will be available to sign autographs? ;)

This is just a few blocks from where I work....


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