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Libya Denies Inviting Israelis!

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In stunning, if not surprising, news, Libya is denying they ever invited the Israelis to Tripoli for the FIDE WCh and insists they are not welcome. An alert reader sent in this link to an Israeli news page (in Hebrew) and this translation: "Muhammad Gaddafi, son of Libya's leader, denied inviting Israeli chess players to the international tournament that will be held this summer in Tripoli. He said: "We did not invite, and will not invite the Zionist enemy to this tournament." Also here where it adds: "[Muhammad] Gaddafi said today that his country will not allow Israelis to participate in the tournament, even if that will result in Libya losing the right to host the event."

Now that sounds more like those lovable nutcases. (Chess pundit John Henderson wonders, "Who's Ghaddafi's chess advisor, Bobby Fischer?!") It was noted before that the invitation "to all 128 participants" sent out by aforementioned son, who is in charge of sports in Libya (much the same way Saddam Hussein's son Uday was in charge of sports in Iraq, coincidentally enough) did not explicitly invite anyone or mention Israel. But FIDE was quick to say that this meant the Malta venue wasn't needed anymore because everyone was welcome in Libya. The Israeli newspapers and chess federation talked about this breakthrough.

As mentioned below, at least one qualified Israeli GM, Sutovsky, signed and submitted his player agreement with the understanding he would be able to play in Malta, as FIDE promised. It is blindingly obvious that an alternative venue is still required. Of course for the Israelis but also for anyone else whose federation deems it unsafe for their players to go to Tripoli. Imagine if it was "no Russians" or "no Africans"!



I don't suppose it would be possible to organize a full boycott of the tournament?

This is just stupid.

Hey MIG,
I have been wondering for years why the various chess federations continue to put up with FIDE, which is so obviously inept and corrupt. Why don't the big federations, like the USCF, the British, the French, the Russians, etc. get together and say enough is enough? They should all drop out of FIDE and create a new world federation from scratch!

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