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FIDE has hastily slapped together this site for the hastily slapped together women's world championship in Elista, the Kalmykian capital and hometown of FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. There's a nice photo report that doesn't explain who anyone is and none of the players are visible in the photos. Lots of Ilyumzhinov though, and the inevitable folkloric dancing. The website mentions live games, but doesn't say when they will start.

The top seeds are an interesting contrast. Former Soviet stalwarts Galliamova, Chiburdanidze, and Matveeva are at the top along with teen stars Koneru of India and Lahno of Ukraine. But there are plenty of powerful Chinese there as well, and they have held the title since FIDE stole it from Susan Polgar in 1999. Those champions, Zhu Chen and Xie Jun, aren't playing, however. It should be an interesting event, full of the usual so-called upsets that are just business as usual in a knock-out format with fast time controls. Trivia: Judit Polgar is rated over 200 points higher than the top seed in Elista.

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