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FIDE, Israel, Libya

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GM Ilya Smirin is still the missing link in the chain of events that has left all three Israeli players out of the FIDE KO. Roman Parparov, a board member of the Israeli chess federation, recently posted this:

"Israeli players have been invited. But, they are refused to a) verify their visa receipt before they step on Libyan land b) get a description of what security measures are taken to protect their safety c) bring their coaches and their wives along. Also the Israelis were forbidden to send their journalists and their federation officials to Libya."

My, how paranoid. After all, who wouldn't trust Ghadafi? Well, here's one possible reason. And here's today's poll question at CNN. I guess they didn't ask anyone at FIDE. Of course voting doesn't mean much, at least not here in the USA or we'd have a different president. Hmm, did Ilyumzhinov win Florida?


For shame, Mig, for the crack about votes not counting. Subverting the will of the people was what Gore and his Florida vote fraud task force was all about. Fortunately, no, our Ilyumzhinov didn't quite manage to win.

In your leap to defend Resident Bush from a non-existent attack you miss the point entirely. Bush lost the popular vote by over HALF A MILLION AMERICANS. I.e. if votes mattered, we would have a different president. Quite unassailable and bi-partisan humor, I hope you agree. Blocking and discarding thousands of minority votes in Florida was just icing on the cake, as was the Kirsan/Florida toss in. [Edit: From the next story we might be seeing him in Florida soon enough!]

I agree W/ Mig, I'm a huge Bush fan and think Florida was all square, but Bush DID lose the popular vote, and that's what he meant. Lighten up a bit. :)

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