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G'day Israelies

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If you want news on the exclusion of Israelis from the FIDE KO in Libya AND you like the way Australians talk, this is your article. Two developments come from down under, but you only get one today. It's a radio interview with top Israeli GM Boris Gelfand. There is a transcript and links to listen to the interview. (It's pronounced "chis" down there. Isn't that adorable?) Not much new, reiterating that the Israeli players will seek compensation from FIDE and the Israeli federation may sue Libya. Hmm, it took Khaddafi 15 years to pay compensation for murdering 270 people, this could be a long wait. Tomorrow will bring the curious case of Vadim Milov, who plays for Switzerland but holds an Israeli passport and was absent from Tripoli.


FIDE are being inconsiderate and downright idiotic by playing the WC in Libya. Everyone knows that Libya is a poor and corrupt country, and everyone also knows that the Israeli's hate the Libyans. So why would FIDE virtually ban the Israeli's from entering (let's face it that is what they are doing). This is a reminder of the infamous Kamsky vs. Karpov match that FIDE decided to run in Irag, while Hussein was going to way with Kuwait. The idiots at FIDE need to stop relying on the "games and politics don't mix" excuse and wake up to World Politics. Chess players are a very bright bunch of people that follow world events, and are certainly smart enough to know that the people at FIDE are, well, stupid! Sort it out FIDE!

The average Israeli doesn't feel very strongly about Libya (even if their government prohibits travel to Libya). It's more or less analogous to the situation with the US and Cuba.

I'm confident Israelis would be willing to travel there (or indeed anywhere else in the world). Any obstructionism here is purely on Libya's part and that of FIDE.

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