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Quo Vadim?

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More meat from down under comes from the indefagitable, peripatetic, perspicacious, and jocund personage that is Australian GM and chess journo Ian Rogers. He writes for the Sydney Sun-Herald and has a scoop on "the forgotten Israeli," Vadim Milov. Like Gulko, the USSR-born Swiss Milov holds an Israeli passport. In his June 27 Sun-Herald column (not available online), GM Rogers writes:

"Despite constant requests from Milov and the Swiss Chess Federation, Milov's invitation - necessary to obtain a visa - was delayed until 23.30 on the night before the arrival day. At that time Milov was informed that after a long meeting with FIDE chief Iljumzhinov, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi had agreed to allow Milov to play. FIDE even offered to pay for Milov's travel expenses but the offer came too late for Milov to find a flight to Tripoli which would allow him to arrive on time. Earlier that evening Milov had been told by a FIDE official that FIDE had been tricked by the Libyans, who had never intended to allow any Israelis to play."

Thanks to Ian for ferreting this out. Milov now has posted a letter at the ACP website about his plans to sue FIDE for forcing him to miss the event. Most of this jibes with my original take on FIDE trying to have their cake and eat it too. Promise Israelis they can play, promise the Libyans that they will make it impossible for it to happen. Then blame the victims. Win-win. Let's hope they lose-lose the court case. Milov would have been the 12th seed in Libya, a favorite to reach the fourth round and earn at least $22,000. Jeff Sonas's original odds on the event gave Milov the 29th-best chance to win the event, or 134 to 1.


Actually, I think Milov would have been the #13 seed, which would take him even one round further if you trust the seedings.

Actually I was using your (Jeff's) initial odds (Milov as 29th-best odds to win) and was going to link to them when I realized that they had never been published with Milov on the list and so wouldn't make sense to the general public! Then I changed it to "seed" and forgot I needed to change the number. Ahh, sleep would help...

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