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You may have to expand your browser to see it, but the Chesschamps website dedicated to Garry Kasparov's "My Great Predecessors" book series made an announcement today. An extra book will be added to the series, "Best of the West." This is because Vol. 3 was turning into a 700+ page monster. The much-awaited Fischer section has been moved to a fourth volume, one that will include subsections on Reshevsky, Larsen, and a new section on Miguel Najdorf. Vol. 3, already headed to the printer, covers Petrosian and Spassky. When I spoke to Kasparov today he said it would be hard, but "we still plan to have Fischer out before Christmas!"

I used to see Najdorf all the time and lost several rapid and blitz games to him as well. (Not exactly worthy of inclusion in the book, alas.) Even in his 80s he was a tough opponent for the young IMs and GMs at the Club Argentino. His habit of announcing a draw instead of proposing one didn't hurt, but who was going to argue with Don Miguel?! He was world class for decades and adding him to the series is a great move. If you have a nice, unpublished Najdorf anecdote send it in to me or post it here.

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