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Fischer In Brief 2

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The latest has Japan announcing it would deport Fischer, but saying that Fischer could appeal that ruling. (He has yet to hire a lawyer.) Better hope for his avoiding arriving in the US is promised by his attempt to secure a German passport based on his father's citizenship. The LA Times has the best summary.

I strongly doubt anyone would bother to make any case on the strong possibility that the father on Fischer's birth certificate wasn't his biological father. The US government has been very quiet so far, perhaps waiting to estimate the political consequences of prosecuting Fischer. They basically canceled his passport and took a powder. I'm not even sure which area of government would be in charge of taking further action, but it's likely they'd be happy to let Germany have Fischer at this point.

The LA Times article concludes with this:

Japanese immigration officials do not deny they used force to bring Fischer into custody.

"We tried to put the handcuffs on him but he resisted firmly," said Yogi Koga, spokesman for Narita's Immigration Bureau. "So we needed to take him with about 10 people because he's a rather big guy.

"He may have gotten some light cuts or something. But he hasn't asked for any kind of medical treatment."

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