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Fischer In Brief

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A few more tidbits of information have trickled out about the Fischer case. You are just as capable of I am of going to Google News and searching for the words "Fischer" and "chess" so I'll keep it brief. Reuters reported that Japan has decided to deport Fischer, but he is appealing the decision.

Agence France-Presse (AFP) has more from Miyako Watai, the only person who has been speaking to the press on Fischer's behalf. She says Fischer has complained of "rough treatment" from Japanese immigration officials. Apparently the 61-year-old Fischer, still the fighter, struggled with the officials. The other factoid in the AFP report was that the US embassy in Manila issued a notice about revoking Fischer's passport last year, but he wasn't aware of it.

The Jewish weekly Forward has a useful summary of Fischer's anti-Semitism. They even talked to old Fischer acquaintaince and American chess legend Arnold Denker. He postulates that Fischer was picked on as a kid because his mother was Jewish. I'm very skeptical, considering the Jewish schools and surroundings in which Fischer grew up.

Many of the wire reports have contained the usual small errors. The most pervasive so far is saying that Fischer lost his title in 1978 instead of 1975.


The most important quote from the Forward article:

"Eidinow says that he and Edmonds, who are both Jewish, came to the tentative conclusion that Fischer's future antisemitism "was part of his rejection of his mother, with whom he had a very turbulent relationship." "

Add mental illness and you get a Jewish anti-Semite. It's as simple as that.

A Jewish guy with a turbulent relationship with his mother??? Will wonders ever cease?

two quick legal points. Since bobby hasn't taken a pawn in over 12 years.I think these charges have exceeded the 50 move rule and should be dropped with a draw being delcared. Should this fail, I think Bobby should plea bargin and serve is time under tournament arrest.

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