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It's Good to Be the King

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And with that tip of the hat to Mel Brooks... Oh what the hell, it's Friday. http://www.lovechess.nl/

(WARNING! Only for those not offended by erotic virtual marble statuary.)

# A beautiful 3D board and state-of-the-art realistic models in an elegant setting.
# Freedom of movement, watch the chess pieces make love from every angle you want.
# Diverse and unique animations for all movements varying from very tender to very bizarre.

Now you can get screwed on the board and over the board at the same time. Next up, an S&M version so you can get your ass whipped and kicked simultaneously. FIDE may sue the makers on the grounds that it's THEIR job to do this to chess. Okay, your turn with the bad jokes. Keep it clean, kids. No points for the obvious bishop jabs.


Chess players are a shameless lot; we'll fork anything!

A demo is now available.

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