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I've added an email notification list sign-up on the left. Submit your address and receive an email + excerpt of each new Daily Dirt item. You'll receive a one-click address verification e-mail and that's it. When I tested it, SpamAssassin flagged the verification email, so check your junk box if you don't see the verification message in a few minutes. I won't sell your address to porn spammers, even if you ask.

Please click the Add button and the verification e-mail link ONCE or you could be added multiple times. I'll cull the doubles, but try to help out.

UPDATE: I'll put the usual XML link up on the left later, but if you are into the wide and wonderful world of RSS news feeds, there IS one for the Daily Dirt. http://www.chessninja.com/dailydirt/index.rdf. I recommend FeedDemon or if you want browser-based RSS, Bloglines.com. If you've never heard of RSS it basically culls news headlines from thousands of sites and blogs in channels you select. Very handy.



Is there (or can there be) an RSS feed for DD?


Yep, I just haven't customized it so I don't link to it yet. Meant to do it last week but got busy. I'll put a link up in a bit. Here you are:




Sorry to appear dim but I can't acces the RSS feed with my browser - I want to embed the Daily Dirt into my web page. When I click the link it just brings up the dialog box that asks what prog I want to use to open it

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