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The Good Old Days

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With all the Bobby Fischer blather coming out of Japan these days over his ridiculous predicament, let's not miss an important anniversary. Today in 1972 Fischer won the world title from Boris Spassky. The final game started on August 31, but Spassky phoned in his resignation on September 1.


By the way, if you know the name of the brilliant Icelandic cartoonist who did these famous Fischer-Spassky illustrations, please post it. The signatures are too small to read on most of them, others are just signed "H P" It's something like "Harrdor Petarrson".

I do not know who the artist was, but I can tell you where this drawing appeared (or at least where I saw it first). Bent Larsen wrote a brilliant little book on the 72 Fischer-Spasskyy match with lots of similar illustrations. It is the best book on this match that I ever saw. Btw. the sign above the door reads "Bordtennis", which means simply table tennis.


Yes, they appeared in several books on the match. They first ran in a local newspaper in Iceland during the match, I believe. They are in the Evans-Smith book on the match and appeared in Chess Digest too.

According to Frank Brady's book 'Bobby Fischer', the cartoonist was one Hálldor Pétursson.

Halldór Pétursson is the correct spelling, born 1916, deceased 1977.

Who at the time would have dreamt that 32 years later, things would be the way they are now for Spassky & Fischer? Spassky the more popular and better thought of in the US, and Fischer a wanted criminal?

That's Bill Lombardy to the right, and who is Spassky's second?

Spassky's second is Geller. This cartoon, and many others, appear in the book "Chess World Championship 1972: Fischer vs. Spassky" by Larry Evans and Ken Smith. That's the book with a diagram after every move. Dating myself, I bought the book when it first came out!

That cartoon has had its most recent outing (?) in "Bobby Fischer Goes to War", by Eidinow and Edmonds. (A shame the reproduction of it, and other cartoons and photographs, is so grainy and murky in that book).

I am the daughter of the artist Halldór Pétursson, creator of the Fisher Spassky cartoons. The family still has the originals. Do get in touch if you have interest in the cartoons.

Esta caricatura es clasica, seria bueno que se hicieran mas. Bobby es todo un personaje, un icono del ajedrez, lo admiro bastante. Gracias

I am interested in getting in contact with Halldora Halldorsdottir; can anyone help with this?

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