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This almost made the "dumb chess news" section since idiots are involved, but perhaps chess art is a more interesting tangent. A couple of guys tried to steal a chess sculpture in an Oregon town. (Gee, I wonder if alcohol was involved.) This earlier story has a small pic of it.

Chess has an powerful visual element that has attracted playing and non-playing artists for centuries, beyond the metaphorical connections of the game. Dubai's planned Chess City is likely to be the largest display of this affinity. We know of Marcel Duchamp's love of the game. Many other well-known artists designed chess sets or included the game in paintings or works of fiction. Any chess art in your area? A quote of Duchamp's is worthwhile in this age of chess sponsorship.

"I am still a victim of chess. It has all the beauty of art - and much more. It cannot be commercialized. Chess is much purer than art in its social position."

A 19th century Russian set, one of my favorites from the chess set exhibition at the Philadelphia art museum in 2002.


A local sculptor, Mark Pilato, makes some very nice metal sets. I saw a beautiful large one in a gallery, but the price was *really* high.

Pics at http://www.pilatostudios.com/pages/markChessSets.html
[Disclaimer: I have no connection with Mr. Pilato or any Internet chess merchants.]

Observing the queen of this chess set I immediately noticed a couple of things. Two items in particular stand out: her eloquent design and her graceful stature. The detailed craftsmanship suggests the queen's two most important aspects: her dominance in open positions and her sharp tactical ability. After all, the queen has quite a rack--I mean knack--for combinational play, especially the double attack. Despite her significant attributes it is common chess knowledge you shouldn't bring the queen out too early or else you could fall into a booby trap. Such amateur play could result in your opponent making you look like a great big boob.

Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation, JA. (Sorry for the tit-for-tat reply.)

Mig, you always milk an article too far.

She's got big tits!

Hi thanks for checking out my chess sets , I am working on some one of a kind ones in fired clay, They will be on the site soon. If you have any ideas for sets let me know.

The last chess set sold for $12,000.00 it had an edition of 20, it is sold out. I am starting a new one the same size. the edition size will only be 12. The set will be my best yet. The first one will be $4800.00 then the price will jump to 6,000.00 for the next three then 10,000 for the next 3 and so on. my email is sculpting2000@catskill.net my web page is pilatostudios.com

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What is the price? Do you have a photo you could email?

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