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The most interesting scoresheet you'll see today comes from the Calvia Olympiad. Iranian women's team member Shadi Paridar signs her scoresheets "In the name of God" at the top. We can see it didn't help in this loss, but she's on 4.5/6 on board one, so you might consider giving it a try.

Then it occurred to me that maybe this is a curse after a loss: "In the name of God, how could I lose to this idiot!?" Somehow I doubt it. Also interesting that it's not in Farsi. Maybe that would make the arbiters suspicious of note taking. US Women's Champion and current women's team reserve Jennifer Shahade wrote an interesting interview with at least one Iranian player a year or two ago in Chess Life. I wonder if it was Paridar. (I know, "interesting" and "Chess Life" in the same sentence. But every once in a while something sneaks through.)


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What the hell?

Apparently the filter found the word "rape" in your post, but it could have been "grape" or "trapeze" for all I know. Stupid to have so common a text string in there. I deleted it from the spam filter, so feel free to try again.

Instead of writing "In the name of God" at the top of her scoresheet, Shadi Paridar should have written "In the name of Steinitz". We all know that Steinitz was able to give 'pawn and move' odds to God.

Her self-identification of the "Girls" section sets off my Californian PC-meter. Could just be a language issue, I guess - English being her third or fourth tongue.


LOL! This is the kind of writing, sarcastic, humorous, which first attracted me to MoC. Now you seem worn down by the weight of your cares somehow. Except for a splash like this.. :)


how do I stop chess blog?

Unfortunately there isn't a way to unsubscribe yourself yet. Next version, probably. I removed you from the list.

Ah, wasn't Jen's interview of the Iranian more like last month? At least I thought it was one that came recently.

I've been writing song lyrics on the top of my scoresheets for a couple of years now. I think I got the inspiration from Peter Svidler doing it (good person to copy, eh) in some event, I think it was Tilburg '96.

Jennifer Shahade's interview of Shadi Paradar appeared in the September 2004 _Chess Life_. The interview took place at the 2004 FIDE Women's KO tournament in Elista, presumably in May, although no precise date was given in Shahade's article (tourney ran from 21 May to 8 June; interview doubtless occurred before Team USA's early exit). I believe Mig's "a year or two ago" is a not-so-subtle dig at the magazine's customary timeliness ;-), though the lead time in question is quite small by recent _CL_ standards.

Hey, hey, lighten up. No good Muslim would undertake an enterprise of any moment (even as simple an act as eating) without invoking the name of the Almighty. Granted, it is interesting that she did not invoke it in Farsi, or, more appropriately, in Arabic, the language of the Holy Qu'ran.

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