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Legal Time

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The latest Fischer hearing and shuffling of papers has put the case back in the news. Nothing big, although several reports say that the case could drag on to the end of next year. As usual, the lawyers win. It would be obscene to see Fischer incarcerated for what will be over a year and a half if that prediction comes true. Apparently Fischer was hoping for a Kerry win, so it hasn't been a good week for Bobby.


While I am one of those who thinks Fischer should be jailed, there is no way a first-time offender would get the maximum sentence. He probably should just submit, and get it over since he might actually end up getting out earlier in the long run.

The media are reporting that the Korean War deserter, Charles Jenkins, reached a plea deal where he will serve only 30 days in jail and not be required to return to the United States. Jenkins voluntarily traveled to Japan from North Korea a few months ago. Apparently the U.S. government was inclined to leniency because Jenkins' long-ago marriage to a Japanese national threatened to complicate U.S.-Japan relations in the event of a long prison sentence. We'll see if the "marriage gambit" does Fischer any good. I'm guessing it will not, and he'll probably end up looking at 2 or 3 years in federal prison.

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