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Welcome to the Big Time

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One of the players, an older fellow, came by where we were setting everything up last night and was delighted to find out that clocks were provided! He explained that he had forgotten to bring his own...

The reverse is usually the case when European Grandmasters come to play in the big US open tournaments and are stunned to find out the players are usually expected to bring their own clocks and sets.


Great site, Mig. Just a couple of questions, though: Is there a pairings page on there somewhere? Will there be one added as soon as the pairings are done? Or is there one and I'm to dumb to be able to find it.

I would hazard a guess that the gentleman in question is Anatoly Lein.

The pairings are being done before my eyes right now. They won't be posted until tonight because they need to draw for colors at the ceremony tonight. They are using my suggestion for how to draw for colors...

Top will be Kamsky-Kraai or Kraai-Kamsky. But Shabalov will be on board one as the defending champion, a round-one tradition.

You really have to bring your own sets and clocks!!! Any style, size, shape? I am amazed the tournaments don't end in a brawl... which brings me to the US Championship and Nakamura...yes yes a cheap shot I know!

What is the reason for bringing your Clocks and Chess Sets to play in US tournament? Are USCF too poor to supply chess set. Here in England everything is supplied by B.C.F and Chess clubs for people to play in Congresses. Yours John Hamer Nottingham england

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