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Ice Fisching

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According to TWIC, Iceland has granted Bobby Fischer a residency permit. This could pave the way for Japan sending Fischer to the site of his conquest of the world title in 1972. Having him on a fairly remote island seems like a good idea. In my opinion the US will be delighted to let Fischer go to Iceland and out of the news. I don't expect anything more than pro forma comments from the US, if that.

There are those, especially Fischer himself, that feel he has been the subject of a long-standing manhunt, so now we'll find out. (The US could put up a fight in countless ways if they were really after him.) In October Fischer wrote a typically deranged letter to Iceland's embassador in Japan. He then complained that Iceland had abandoned him. Icelandic psychiatrists are licking their chops.

Former US co-champ Stuart Rachels recently wrote to New In Chess magazine to diagnose Fischer as a paranoid schizophrenic from afar. I've long held that view, but of course it's just a casual opinion. Such cases are often difficult to diagnose even after close examination. It's doubtful anyone will get close enough to Fischer to ever know.


Since Bobby's letter doesn't contain any hate crimes, I took the liberty to type it for everybody's delectation.

October 27, 2004
From:Robert James Fischer, kidnap victim, illegally held at the East Japan Immigration Detention Center, Ushiku Ibarahi prefecture, Japan, cell 202.
To: Ambassador Thordun Oskarsson, Icelandic Embassy, 41826 Takanawa Minato - 170 Tokyo 108/0074, Japan.

Dear Mr. Oskarsson as per our phone conversation of today I am writing to you to officially ask for political asylum in Iceland. For accurate background information on all of this matter please go to the website http://home.att.ne.jp/moon/fischer and download and printout the article "Statement of Facts". It is especially urgent that I get political asylum from you immediately because the nuclear power plant at nearby Tokaimura, Ibaraki Prefecture is right now leaking radioactivity and has been doing so continuously for the last 5 years. On Sept 30, 1999, they had a massive Nuclear accident there and 2 workers at the plant died and at least 660 residents of the town were exposed to radioactivity. See the article in "The Daily Yomiuri" of Oct 2, 2004 entitled "Nuclear firms lack safety culture" by Toshiaki Sato, Tatsuo Nakajima and Isoiku Kodera Yamiuri Shimbun Staff Writers. (Which may or may not be on the above-mentioned website.) On top of this comes the recent news that there was another "minor" accident there on Oct. 14th 2004 which released into the atmosphere a considerable amount of "low level" radioactivity. See the Japanese language article in the "Nikkei" newspaper of Oct. 17th, 2004 and its English language translation. (which also may or may not be on the above-mentioned website.) I've desperately asked (in writing) to be transferred to another immigration detention center in Japan but the authorities/kidnappers here flatly refuse saying that the Japanese Ministry of Health has said that there is no health danger in Ushiku from the Nuclear power plant in Tokaimura. Thee "assurances" leave me cold (or is it hot as in radioactivity?). So the U.S. / Japanese governmental criminals are giving me the choice: stay here in radioactive Ushiku and die of radioactive nuclear poisoning or give up the fight and accept an illegal "deportation" to the U.S.A. to be imprisoned, tortured and murdered there. For all I know as a result of my forcible involuntary exposure to radioactive nuclear poisoning from the Tokaimura Nuclear power plant, I'm already condemned to die an agonizing death from cancer. But if if that is so I would like to die in freedom in a friendly third country. My contact person here in Japan is: Miyoko Watai, JCA, Nishikamata 8-2-1-220 Tokyo 144-0051 Japan. Telephone/fax (813) 3735-3675.
R.J. Fischer
P.S. If the U.S. government tells you (as I'm sure they will) that granting me political asylum in Iceland "would not be helpful to U.S. - Icelandic relations" you should tell them quick as a flash that: "No, it's your crimes against Mr. Fischer that aren't at all helpful to U.S. - Icelandic relations." I'd love to see the look on their faces!

(end of third page and apparent end of letter)

According to this German news report, Bosnitch said that Fischer might get a German passport in two weeks.

I hope it is true.

I understand what you suggest I just hope a lot more people might realise this too. No one knows maybe one day they will. Continue writing these thoughts in the future too.

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