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The popular comic strip Baby Blues today starts a six-day series in which the father is teaching his kids how to play chess. (It actually ran in the papers a few weeks ago; the strips are delayed for two weeks on the web.) In the first one (Jan. 10, up now), Dad says "It's an ancient game of skill and strategy that is said to be one of the finest achievements of the human mind!" One excited kid then asks, "You're going to teach us how to play poker?" Ouch. [Thanks to vigilant reader Michael Whisenhunt of North Carolina.]


Ed Collins' very entertaining and interesting chess page has a link to chess related comics.


The Foxtrot ones are, I think, the funniest.

Here's a lot more, if you can read French : http://echbd.free.fr/ECHBD/echbd.htm

Also, I came across a strip not long ago. It read (translated) : image 1 : caption "Stupid game", a man throws a stick and tells his dog "Go get the stick !". Image 2 : caption "Intelligent game", almost the same image, except "Go get the chessboard !".

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