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Happy New Year to one and all.

I've been blessedly far from the computer, at least my own computer. I'm in California doing the family rounds and spent New Year's at my dad's place in the mountains (see above) (Oak Run, to be precise). Of course I got to spend some of my time fixing my stepmother's computer (a Pentium II!), but most of the time was spend eating and playing around in the sudden snow. (Time was also made for my girlfriend and I to trounce my father, my sister, and her husband at the most excellent party game "Cranium". My charade of the expression "ants in the pants" will go into family history along with my father's attempt to explain "picnic" in clay by making a line of tiny ants moving toward a basket.)

I'll be back in NY soon enough. Meanwhile, how about those New Year's chess resolutions, both personal and global? Please share. I always say I'm going to make time to play tournaments again. I always hope for unification. I resolve to try and stamp out GM draws wherever they are found.


Ok Mig, I'll throw down the first ever Get Back Into Tournament Play challenge. For me, anyway. I've been out of tournaments for 4+ years and just renewed my USCF membership. Terms: I will buy you one beer for every rated tournament game you play in 2005, less the total number I play. If I play more than you, same deal reverse-wise. Vintage to be negotiated. Your advantage: I'm in Boulder, you're in NYC (cue sound effect of wind whistling across the plains of Kansas). And thanks as always for the blog, always a kick to read. -rob

My New Year's chess resolution is to finally update my Chessmetrics site with more recent results. It's been unchanged for three years and I still get people writing to compliment me on my site. ???

Also, Mig, I have to point out that you may be missing the boat a little bit with the Primo Cranium edition (that's what your link went to). We had a lot of fun this holiday season with the new Turbo Cranium, which has a bunch of new categories along with an electronic timer and dice roller plus rules that are much cleaner. My personal favorite was "Sideshow", where instead of charades you have to move someone else's arms and legs around, to act out your clue. I ended up actually lifting my cousin in an attempt to do "wheelie" (not recommended unless you stretch first!)

My New Years resolution is to acheive 2000+ bullet and blitz ratings on Playchess.com (Chessbase). Also, I am returning to OTB tournaments. I stopped for 10 years, but started back this past fall.

Any news on the Kasparov-Kasimzhanov match?

My goal is not to lose a single game this year! So far, so good. I had a draw at the club last night :)


Yesterday, I collected several New Year's chess resolutions from around the blogosphere and posted them here:


Hi Mig,

Thanks for the interesting Daily Dirts you posted in 2004!

My 2005 goals include:

Publish 'Playing to Win' and both editions of 'Online Seduction'.

Improve my diet and exercise program! I want more energy and a higher sex drive!

Have lots of fulfilling sexual interactions.

And not to forget improving my chess strength ;).

What do all the other message board people have as their goals?

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