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Aeroflot 2005

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The awesome spectacle that is the Aeroflot Open is halfway over. There has been some trouble with the gamescores here and there, but there has been a splendid amount of fighting chess. If you are into rooting for Daily Dirt posters, Emil Sutovsky just took a share of first place with 4.5/5. Alex Yermolinsky on an even score.

Ponomariov was a late entry but hasn't shown much. Karjakin and Radjabov both have 3/5. I'm also keeping an eye on my old friend from Argentina, Maxim Sorokin, who moved back to Russia a few years ago. We had a surprise reunion at the FIDE KO in Moscow in 2001. He was there as Volkov's second, I believe.

This mighty event could easily be turned into the first stage of a world championship cycle. Drop some more money into it, add a rest day, get that weird smell out of the rooms at the Rossia hotel and you're all set!


My mom and sister stayed at that hotel this summer. They also said it wasn't a great hotel; enormous, though.

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