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The Mainichi Daily News has put up an index page for its stories on the Bobby Fischer affair. Their latest was based on recent radio interviews with Fischer and of course they highlighted his complaint that he couldn't get any alcohol in detention. Interestingly - or not - that story, from Jan. 29, isn't available. Perhaps just a misplaced link.


Struggling against an international conspiracy directed at you is obviously thirsty work. Please, please let him go so we don't have hear anymore of this! I still remember Elvis dancing with Ann-Margret in Viva Las Vegas. I don't want to think of him any other way. If they would release Fischer there's probably a good chance we would never have to hear any more from him. I wish all these pinheads who want revenge against Fischer's previous statements would just pack a bag and ship out. Of course, they only have the courage to go after this tragically wasted human being and in my book that makes them not much better.

Well let's see. Fischer claimed he was cheated in Curacao and Kortchoi confirmed his suspicions four decades later. After the '72 Match, the World Church of God helped Fischer spend his own money and also helped themselves to the loot, all the while brainwashing him of the better way of life. Where were they during Fischer's lean years? There are FBI files on Fischer - a really worthwhile use of taxpayers dollars and, you never know, Fischer could have been transporting drugs and communicating secret messages through flashy sacs all those years. Then there was his 60 Memorable book being illegally reproduced in Russia and UK. And then there was the '92 Match and the violation of Sanctions. Yeah, the US decided to nail Fischer over the $5 million because he was an easy target when the US completely ignored France, Germany, Russia and China, and their violations were of the order of tens of billions (over Iraq).

I dunno, but there are people who are ganging up on Fischer. There may be no conspiracy, but the fact is, there are people trying to 'get him' one way or another. Fischer is a famous personality. As such, there will always be kooks, bastards, greedy gold diggers, criminals, worthless media hounds, perverts, governments who want to look good squishing a little pawn (Japan, for maintaining good relations with the US on the cheap; US, looking good for enforcing law, conveniently ignoring their own transgressions over Guatanamo Bay), fans and anti-fans, circling about him like vultures. Conspiracy or not, the effect is the same.

The tragedy is, he blamed the wrong people, the Jews. He should be blaming the kooks and criminals, and he did for a while but nobody did anything. Perhaps if something was done, he wouldn't be spewing hatred of Jews that he is doing now.

Why is everyone injecting the word "booze" in their headlines regarding this interview? Isn't their enough Fischer fodder already without implying alcoholism? Perhaps he just likes his glass of red wine.

The way Kasparov is blasting Putin these days, I wonder if we will soon see two ex-World Champs in Jail soon?
That'll be news. Fischer and Kasparov behind bars and US and Russia going after them.

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