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Friday Cat Blogging

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The lighter side of blogging, a tradition that has caught on around the web. Yes, it's Friday Cat Blogging. This is Morrigan, Morri for short. One good eye. Black and white, of course.


Interesting book collection. Does the cat have a higher chess rating than you?

That's one very literate cat, you've got there, Mig. All mine does all day, is sleep...hmm, just thought of something...maybe she's practising on her blindfold chess?

Seems that the cat has a higher chess elevation, if not rating. Certainly it is on top of the chess literature.

Chicago Manual of Style...I've been growing very familiar with that book lately. You write many research papers Mig?

Doesn't that Chicago Manual of Style have a "new book" sheen to it? Mig should throw it down the stairs a few times to give it that "well-used" look.

That Chicago Manual is ancient, and I probably bought it used in the first place! I've edited and copyedited for years and have just about every style guide and writing reference you could name. I make strenuous attempts to not let it show in my own writing.

I'll post a list of my books one of these days. Right after I get around to making one. At the very least I need to do it so I stop buying duplicates by accident.

Mig, your cat is the reincarnation of Richard Teichmann.

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