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Anand on Kasparov

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The Indian Express (curry in a hurry?) has a bland but interesting interview with Vishy Anand on Garry Kasparov's retirement announcement.

Q: Your vivid memories of the Russian?

Anand: He was a controversial figure. But when faced with adversity, his was a classic case of "when the going gets tough...the tough get going." Garry always managed to motivate himself. He read and had a lot of interests in American politics, passionately involved himself in the affairs at the Kremlin, continued to criticise Putin and at the same time ruled the world of chess. He always motivated himself with the fact that he was a Russian chess player and despite the number of victories he achieved...he was never satisfied.

Q: Any off the board meeting that would always remain in your memory?

Anand: Usually he never socialised. So there’s isn’t anything in particular. But I remember a group photo of ours (he, myself and other players) atop the World Trade Centre (WTC) building in 1995. It was like "we’re on top of the world."

This is one of those photos. Almost as nice as having a WC in Libya.

Other comments culled from Spanish papers after Linares ended:

Topalov: "He's going to leave a hole the way Schumacher and Jordan did. Not even Fischer was at Kasparov's level because he left so young." Paco Vallejo Pons came up to Kasparov and said, "It has been a great pleasure playing you." (Not easy words after losing twice!) Garry was quite touched by the gesture.

More comments from Anand.


"Schumacher did"? Michael Schumacher is still world champion.

Usually he never socialised.. hmm, to Anand or to chessplayers in general at tournaments.

they are all talking as if he is dead!

Also, like many others in the forum, he believes Garry will likely be back. Maybe that's something bettson shd take. if and when garry will be back.

I think Senna was meant instead of Schumacher.

Fischer ruled till 1999??? Anand is hallucinating like Bobby.

More likely a bad telephone line and a reporter who doesn't know anything about chess.

add to that a russian speaking english martin :)

If Kasparov is Brahms then Fischer is Wagner of Chess! Now can you compare them?

Have there been any comments from Kramnik or FIDE regarding K's retirement?

Actually I took Anand's comments regarding Kasparov ruling after 1999 to mean that before he went on that last three-year rampage, Anand would have considered Fischer to be the greatest ever. But when Kasparov came back at age 36 to win 10 consecutive supertournaments, he surpassed Fischer.

No Mig... Kaspy's worst failure came after 1999 - against Kramnik. Kaspy really weny on rampage 2001 onwards ... Anand probably meant 1989. The 1989 version of GK was magical.

Sure, but I don't think Anand would be judging the 89 version. The loss to Kramnik was certainly important, but winning those ten tournaments in a row would have been considered totally impossible. In 89 he had Karpov to deal with, but to beat back the new generation really cemented the legend. Anand wouldn't be the first to say it.

Garry didn't win any classical events after Linares 2002 until last year's Russian Ch, although his 2002 Olympiad performance was good. 1999 was the start of the streak.

I don't think so, Krish. I agree with Mig's interpretation. In spite of Garry's opinion that Fishcer may not have beaten Karpov had he played, Anand seems to think Fischer would have beaten Karpov and formed his opinion based on that (after all Kasparov beat Karpov by winning the last game in 1989, not exactly the way Fischer would have/could have/might have won!

As mig says, Kasparov's 10 consecutive super-tournament victories erased all doubts from pretty much all the players' minds.

I still think its 1989! Remember that was when GK crossed the 2785 mark. The ELO was not inflated in 1989 as it is now. I vividly remember the tournaments in Belgrade and Tilburg. Gary was on a real rampage then - almost 90% score. And while the field did not include Karpov (in those two tmts) it was still very strong. And in the world cups in Skelleftea and Barcelona .. Gary shared first place. And who can forget Kasparov- Salov Barcelona ! I remember Bent Larsen saying in an interview that he prefers Kasparov '89 to Fischer '72.

Of course Garry went on to even more impressive achievements (Linares '92,'93 and the incredible 10 tmt winning run) ... unlike Bobby .. who sadly turned out to be the worst champion ever.



I am Krish from Chessninja messageboard. This is the first time that I am posting on this topic on "Daily Dirt Chess Blog:". The other Krish seems relatively new to this forum. So, "welcome to the other Krish". I am using my yahoo id (the actual one) just to differentiate myself from the other gentleman.

I think Anand has been very complimentary as Toplaov was on Kasparov. Its interesting and sort of contradictory the way both "Indian Express" and "The Hindu" report the news. Indian Express quotes Anand saying "Usually he(Kasparov) never socialised". In "The Hindu", Anand says, "I had a nice lunch with Garry at Linares. We talked about lot of things". I am not sure what exactly Anand is trying to say. Its an irony that neither Anand nor Kasparov hold any title at the time of Kasparov's retirement.

Kasparov is more like Rahmaninov in chess, IMHO.
Genius, phantasmagoric, supernova.

Forgive an ignorant fool, but while I knew they were by no means best friends, did Anand really resent Kasparov as much as the Indian Express try to make it seem? I noticed it was the commentary and not the interview itself that favored that theory.

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